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“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position”

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It all started in October 2019 as a dream of former Georgia State Championship winning and Collegiate Coach Charles Hendrix.  In addition to athletics, Hendrix aimed to address the fiscal irresponsibility of athletes that peppered national headlines on a regular basis.  He believed by equipping scholar-athletes with a foundation of personal finance before the completion of high school, and facilitated through the game of athletics that he could began to change this troubling outcome.   The Inaugural Sunshine State Basketball Explosion was the first sports offering showcasing 14 teams, representing Georgia and Florida for a weekend of financial literacy seminars and boys high school basketball.  Our success was in large part due to the support of our community, city and local small businesses that believed in the vision of Coach Hendrix.

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2019 Sunshine State Basketball Explosion Teams


2020 Sunshine State Basketball Explosion Teams

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